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Shawn Berg Custom Woodwork LLC

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SBC Woodwork LLC is a company located in New London, MN and born from a passion for handmade, unique items. Shawn Berg discovered his passion for woodwork in 9th grade shop class. He went on to build projects for friends and family until stumbling upon his first job as a custom builder. Shawn first worked in commercial woodwork in Minnesota, until moving with his wife to Ft Lauderdale, Florida. While in Florida, he worked in a high end custom cabinetry shop working in multi million dollar homes. There, he built everything from the largest kitchens and home offices, to the smallest custom furniture. After years of doing countless projects for others, Shawn ventured into the world of woodwork for himself. Bringing you quality, high end projects, for a competitive price. This is Shawn Berg Custom Woodwork. Welcome.

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Please get in touch with me for the latest prices on my personalized and handmade products. I work hard in order to come up with ideas for designs that truly represent the unique vision of my clients.



SBC Woodwork builds custom kitchen cabinetry by hand. This means that at SBC Woodwork we do NOT order box cabinets or pre cut kitchens. Therefore every cabinet's size is determined by the dimensions of your home, not a catalog. Every piece of wood is cut and put together with care. With 100% custom built cabinetry options are endless! Wood types, colors, and cabinet components are totally up to you and customizable!


This one of a kind vanity was just a vision that a customer had, brought to life by SBC Woodwork. Beautifully designed and built with quality to last. Like our custom kitchens, bathroom vanities and cabinets can be customized any possible way the customer would want.


Custom built in pieces like this fireplace unit are where creativity and design really shine. This unit was inspired by a handful of different pictures that the homeowner had, and a vision that was put together by SBC Woodwork came to life. In addition to kitchen cabinetry, SBC Woodwork also builds fire place cabinetry and mantles, home office units, dining room cabinetry or built in hutches, TV units, desks, custom bars and so on.

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There are many more cabinet components to pick from than what are shown here! Contact today for options!

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Every project SBC Woodwork does gets solid wood dovetail drawer boxes with top of the line soft close drawer slides. Our cabinets and drawer boxes are built durable to last. There is over 100 pounds of kids standing in the top drawer of this kitchen!



Professional Refinishing by SBC Woodwork

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Each refinish job starts with taping and hanging plastic so that the only thing exposed in the entire room is the exterior of the existing cabinets. This is a slow and tedious process that takes a lot of patience and care. As any mistakes in this part of the refinishing process can result in finish getting behind the plastic in places you don't want it. That's what makes it a good job for a professional.



For the next step the cabinets get sanded where they will get refinished, then a coat of sealer gets sprayed on, and then finally the color of the clients choice goes down on top of the sealer. This is where the true transformation begins.


The end result of a refinish job is always stunning. This is a before and after picture. Before is on the left with the classic golden oak color. The refinished is on the right with a color called "creamy". If you have cabinets that are in good condition but you are wanting to change to a more modern color, refinishing may be perfect for you. It is a great way to update your current kitchen at a fraction of the price of doing an entire new kitchen.

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For more information or free estimates get in touch today!

4212 150th Ave NW, New London, MN 56273, USA

(320) 262-2305

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